Universe Sandbox Simulation Editor

Welcome to the Universe Sandbox UBox simulation editor. This editor allows you to edit your ubox simulations, and provides the ability to group bodies and apply changes to the groups as a whole. This is a work in progress, and functionality and precision will be added to the editor periodically, so please check back often to see any new features.

This editor creates a new json element in simulation.json called Groupings, which stores information about each grouping you create. Within each Body object, a GroupingID will associate the body to a grouping. These properties do not seem to conflict with Universe Sandbox, and are used just for association purposes, when reloading into this editor.

Please send any questions, comments, suggestions, or problem reports to simeditorsupport@astroatomicmodel.org

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The Universe Sandbox Simulation Editor is provided to be used free of charge. It is provided without any guarantee concerning it's soundness, aptitude for a certain purpose or otherwise. The editor is experimental and you may use it at your own risk. You are encouraged to make a backup copy of your simulation before using the editor. No guarantees are made for the compatibility of modified simulations in regards to current or future versions of Universe Sandbox.

This website is not affiliated with Universe Sandbox in any way. The sole purpose of the Simulation Editor is to provide interested parties a method to modify their ubox simulations.