Core Concepts: Introduction

In the AAM, atomic particles and phenomena are not just modeled after astronomical bodies and phenomena. Atomic particles are astrological bodies, in a smaller material scale. So, as we learn more about the astrological bodies, we also know more about atomic particles, and vice-versa.

In this respect, the AAM is a self similar atomic model. One of the greatest pioneers in a self similar model of atoms, solar systems, galaxies, and more, is Robert L. Oldershaw, an independent researcher, loosely affiliated with Amherst College. The AAM shares the general idea, but differs widely in respect of Roberts models and theories.

One idea central to the AAM, is that our solar system is the analog of a hydrogen atom. Current beliefs is that hydrogen atoms have a single electron. In the AAM, this idea is broadened to the idea that hydrogen atoms have a single orbital plane. This orbital plane is analogous to our solar system, and is also responsible for the observed spectrum of hydrogen.


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